Things to Know When You Arrive

Outside Access to Your DataWith the prevalence of electronic medical record-keeping, you can assume that any information you give the front desk can be accessed by other entities.

"Privacy"Your definition of privacy may be different than the definition held by the receptionist, the clinic, or the organization.

Know Your RightsYou may know more about your health care rights than the receptionist, the clinic, or the organization and might receive push-back when exercising those rights.

Be Prepared - Most importantly, the clinic may put you in the position of choosing between either exercising those rights or receiving treatment from the facility.

Share WiselyBe cautious when asked to sign or fill out documents on an iPad. This is often a tool for data collection unnecessary for patient care.


HIPAA "Notice of Privacy Practices Form"
Click here to learn why you SHOULD NOT sign the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices form.

Consent Forms
Click here before you sign a consent form.

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