At the Clinic

At the Clinic

What happens at the clinic can often create more stress in an already difficult situation, but it doesn’t have to. Knowing your rights as a patient and being familiar with the process can ease your experience and alleviate your worries.

A little bit of preparation before your visit can help you receive the best possible treatment and help you to stay in control of your health care while protecting your privacy. Click on each topic below for more information.

Revoking Your Consent

Learn what EVERYONE can do to protect their information - even if forced to sign a consent form.


When you arrive at the clinic and check in at the registration desk, remember to keep these five things in mind.

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

You can refuse to sign the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Form. Learn how and see examples here.

Consent Forms

Consent forms come in many shapes and sizes. Although various state and federal laws govern what they must cover, not every form makes it easy for patients to protect their privacy and sharing choices. Learn what to look for and how to modify forms to reflect your desires here.


Learn about those pesky and often lengthy questionnaire forms that have little to do with your actual treatment or diagnosis.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Learn about the government Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, what you can do to protect your private information, the impact EHRs have on how your doctor treats you, and why you should be concerned.

Twelve Important Questions to Ask

A list of questions to ask during your visit.


Learn how scribes compromise the integrity and privacy of the exam room AND what you can do about it!

Check Credentials

Descriptions of various types of health care practitioners.

Coming Soon - Vaccinations

Coming Soon - Vaccinations

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